Website: www.vodafone.co.nz

Phone: 0800 800 021

Overseas Phone: +64 9 355 2007

Vodafone Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/vodafoneNZ

Vodafone Plans

Plan Name Type Data Price
Mint Pack Phone & Broadband 30 GB $75/mo
Choice Pack Phone & Broadband 50 GB $85/mo
Mega Pack Phone & Broadband 100 GB $95/mo

Vodafone Review

Score Total Comment
Reliability: 3
Speed: 3
Support: 2
Value: 3
2.8/5 poor customer service and average internet service.Happy to charge extra without notification and happy to say nothing when a credit it owed. stay on your game and check your bills.
Reliability: 3
Speed: 3
Support: 0
Value: 2
2.0/5 Doing this review while waiting for some sort of phone response from Vodafone. Think I'll just change providers.
Reliability: 1
Speed: 2
Support: 0
Value: 0
0.8/5 There is absolutely, positively nothing good about this company. They are the worst, most incompetent people I have ever dealt with. Messed up our connection several times, it's going to take 8-9 visitis in the end to get it sorted. No communication, customer service is horrible, constant billing issues, and they never fix the issue, despite saying they will. Seriously avoid these people like the plague.
Reliability: 4
Speed: 0
Support: 2
Value: 2
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Reliability: 3
Speed: 1
Support: 1
Value: 4
2.3/5 Dixm9l ocofxrunuazg, [url=http://lcpsszjohfyx.com/]lcpsszjohfyx[/url], [link=http://ezuhprvtplta.com/]ezuhprvtplta[/link], http://yvsxqoxqvhvq.com/

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