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TelstraClear Plans
Plan Name Type Data Price
Naked Broadband+ 20GB Naked Broadband 20GB GB $55/mo
Naked Broadband+ 40GB Naked Broadband 40GB GB $70/mo
Naked Broadband+ 60GB Naked Broadband 60GB GB $80/mo
Naked Broadband+ 100GB Naked Broadband 100GB GB $105/mo
Naked Broadband+ 150GB Naked Broadband 150GB GB $140/mo
Score Total Comment
Reliability 1
Speed 1
Support 1
Value 1
1.0 / 5
Garbage since voodoophoneys took you over.In desperation I asked for broadband, but after a week of piddling around you told me it was not available at my address. There must be a viable and economic solution, surely?
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