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Phone: 0800 89 2000

Slingshot Plans

Plan Name Type Data Price
Broadband Naked 30 Naked Broadband 30 GB $81/mo
Broadband Naked Unlimited Naked Broadband Unlimited GB $90/mo

Slingshot Review

Score Total Comment
Reliability: 4
Speed: 4
Support: 3
Value: 4
3.8/5 fiber coverage not in Hamilton dinsdale at this time
Reliability: 2
Speed: 2
Support: 1
Value: 4
2.3/5 By price they are not bad value, but supoort-wise, they treat every issue as customer generated, not willing to look into the possibility that their network configuration may be causing issues. Only option if you fall foul of their network is a 10 day formal complaint with no obvious method to contact support staff who have access to anything but basic information. There is no concern for the customer once you hit the brick wall of a network problem, it becomes a scripted response and attempting to talk to someone higher in the chain is also firewalled. Slingshot, if you read this, when you leave someone 2 x 20 min on hold and 3 hrs without resolution, blacklisting an email address for 3 months with no evidence or ability to address the cause (which may well be your own network), there is a real person with real issues on the other end of the phone - not only do you create an angry (soon to be ex) customer, you get bad word of mouth press.

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